How can I make my code secure like .JSXBIN used to be?

I’ve been searching a lot about how to protect my UXP code from crackers. With CEP with the JSXBIN was more than enough to create unpenetrable doors, but with UXP I only find obfuscation the only way.

What is the best way to secure my code for authentication of the users?

I’ve been using, and others with the default settings and works well, but I don’t want to migrate my plugin to UXP and expose all my code there, how can I prevent this in the best way possible?

I would appreciate a lot your help on this topic.

I’ve seen other plugins that have authentication but, how does the protection can be made?

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It was already asked couple of times

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I reverse-engineered (copied :rofl:) Jarda’s Wepack configuration for the Alchemist plugin to achieve this:

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Alchemist doesn’t have any obfuscation, or does it? :thinking: I don’t see any

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Ah! Then it was using Jarda’s code to figure out how to use Webpack and then adding an obfustcation plugin.

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Yeah, in the first link I shared above, I’ve posted what I used to use. Now I think I have a bit different options set for obfuscator, but principle is still the same

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I’m intriged about Webpack configuration, I saw the code on Jarda’s github but I’ve never used Webpacks, I don’t even know what they are hahaha I’m using Vanilla JS to make my UXP plugins haha.

What does the Webpack configuration does to your software or how it works?

It’s basically a packager/builder I guess. Sorry can’t advice much, because I use it only for my UXP plugins and it’s also the first time I encountered it. Managed to set it up to my needs and didn’t touch since :smiley:

BTW, it also allows a much smoother development workflow. Here’s my other post with example set-up (not full, but you should get the idea) how I use it to automate builds for local (no actual build needed), dev (basically same as prod, but can install locally) and prod (ready for Marketplace).

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Thanks for your answer, I just saw your post it is very helpful gonna give it a try man, much appreciated!!