22.4.0 - issues with obfuscated JS using "self defending" option

Just FYI, if you are using https://obfuscator.io/ and the self defending option, the self defending option prevents the UXP JS file from running properly in the latest Photoshop 22.4.0 pre-release build. Using normal obfuscation works fine.

I know some people use this website to obfuscate the code so I just wanted to give people a heads up that you may need to change the obfuscation mode for JS file. Maybe it will work with the public 22.4.0 release, not sure. However, none of my plugins worked in the 22.4.0 pre-release using that option so I already modified all of mine.

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I think this related to “improved” security and eval.
See my topic in pre-release. I will not discuss it here since pre-release is technically under NDA.

This could be good question for upcoming devs meetup in next week.

Oops… for some reason I was thinking this forum was part of the pre-release group. I can’t delete the post now. Mods, please delete if this post is not appropriate.

I don’t think that this could harm Adobe in any way. It could most likely stay since same topic would be started only bit later :smiley:

But you know… rules are rules :smiley: