How can I use Generator-core with UXP?

I’m migrating my CEF-based Photoshop plugin to UXP, the plugin is using Generator-core.
But currently I cannot initialize Generator-core from my script due to lack of some Node.js libraries.
(e.g. events)
I guess it is because UXP is using Photoshop’ internal JS engine and it doesn’t have Node.js features.

My questions are:

  • At the moment can I use Generator-core with UXP?
  • Is there any documentation for using Generator-core and UXP?
  • Is there another way to export every layers as PNG individualy?
    • I tried to run QuickExport from BatchPlay, but I think it doesn’t match to my usage. Because
      • QuickExport can export only active layers
      • QuickExport cannot handle finishing the export - I cannot find when I can go to next layer…