UXP Replacement Process for Generator Plugin

In CEP, I previously relied on Adobe Generator for getting a pixmap of an artboard or a given layer, and then saving / exporting that image as needed.

Using @DavideBarranca’s old guide, I established a connection between the front-end panel and the backend generator plugin to issue commands that would export the images.

I’m not certain, but it appears that support for Generator is being dropped (and may already have been dropped for Macs).

First question is: Is that correct? Are Generator and associated plugins being dropped?
And if so, is there an equivalent method for exporting images from a layer using UXP commands?
If that exists, can someone point me to documentation or example code I can lean on?

Additionally, there were Photoshop events such as documentChanged, imageChanged. Can these be listened to from UXP?

Thank you!

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Good questions, I’m waiting for official answers too but I guess for the Generator part it’s just gonna be dropped, and the related AM glue code not ported to the new engine.

But some of the underlying AM code is already present using batchPlay so at least that part doesn’t need to be ported. e.g. JSON property in layer class.

I’ll leave this to @Barkin and the Ps Product team.

Not yet. It’s being built. You can export the entire document (using Document#SaveAs), but getting a layer rendition is more difficult at the moment. So you’re not missing anything atm – there’s no easy way yet.

If you know the events you want to listen for, yes. Docs: https://www.adobe.io/photoshop/uxp/2022/ps_reference/media/photoshopaction/#addnotificationlistener

Thanks for the answers Kerri!

Looking forward to hearing from @Barkin and team.

As for the layer exporting, I suppose my only current viable option would be to convert an artboard into a smart object, open the smart object, and then save the entire document? Seems like something like that could work in the short term.

And thanks a ton for the docs on those listeners! Diving in now.

Hey Kerri!

Just thought I’d check in to see if there’s any news about backfilling this behavior in the UXP :slight_smile:

Just a monthly check-in to see if there’s any news here, @Barkin and @kerrishotts :slight_smile:

No updates. Still being worked on.

Thanks Kerri! I’ll check back in a month or two. haha

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