How to get _obj name of a command in action?

I just started making plugins for Photoshop, and I am doing it with UXP. After reading the doc, I have a question: how to get the command’s name for batchPlay (I believe it’s the ‘_obj’ field of the ActionDescriptor)?
I know what Actions is in Photoshop, each action records your ‘command’ (e.g. hide/unhide layer, Make fill layer, etc.)
I also know how to access to action’s name and index in UXP dev tool’s console.
But the command under that action (say, ‘make fill name’), I don’t know how to get its name, I need this name to put into the _obj filed to pass to batchPlay.
How do you query the corresponding _obj for the command listing under Photoshop’s Action?

The Alchemist plugin might provide what you are looking for. It’s free on the Adobe Marketplace and also has a GitHub repository: GitHub - jardicc/alchemist: DevTool for plugin developers.

Also, Actions in Photoshop can be converted to the batchPlay using the fly-out menu in the Actions panel to choose, Copy As Javascript. To use this method, you need to have “Enable Developer Mode” turned on in Preferences > Plugins.