How to get user login data

Hi there, I wanted to see Adobe Acrobat and/or Creative Cloud APIs shared user login data? Can anyone share any docs, etc that might be helpful with confirming this?

Are you asking about the Creative Cloud Libraries API? Just checking, in that the Libraries API isn’t accepting new integrations at this time.

Try asking the Acrobat question in the community forums over here:

If your use case applies to some of the desktop applications, let us know… or just tell us about your use case, that will help.

Hey Erin, thanks for getting back to me! So I want to know who at my company has signed up for and logged into adobe creative cloud and/or adobe acrobat PRO/Reader, does that make sense? Is there an API I can plug into to gather this data?

Ah, so, there is a User Management API but I’m not sure it does what you’re hoping for there…

If your company has a Creative Cloud Enterprise license (or Creative Cloud Teams), your Adobe Admin would be the one provisioning licenses and entitlements using the Admin Console… sure enough, there are audit and reporting features for that.

However, if everyone at your company has individual Creative Cloud accounts, it’s a lot more difficult…

In any case, I don’t think the Libraries API was used for that anyway, it was more about managing a user’s assets across shared libraries.