Storing user data in Creative Cloud or Adobe account

I read the update here:

A long requested feature, XD plugins are now tied to your Adobe account, which makes installing them on new devices a breeze!

In my plugin, users are able to save their plugin settings and add their own options that work across projects. I’m storing that in the user data folder.

try {
	var dataFolder = await fileSystem.getDataFolder();

	var newFile = await dataFolder.createEntry(filename, { overwrite: true });
	var data = JSON.stringify(options, null, XDConstants.TAB);
catch (error) {

Seeing how XD plugins can or will be connected to an Adobe account is it possible to store that user data in their Creative Cloud account if they so choose?

Hi @Velara,

I think this hasn’t been answered yet because it’s under the Libraries category, but I don’t think this is a Libraries question, exactly…

Maybe @pklaschka can help out here…

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