HTML Select field data binding

Question for those who aware of XD team development plan. Current implementation of select field looks pretty far from the way how it works in browsers (options binding and value binding) which makes it quite not easy to use. Also binding works differently on Windows and Mac. Is fixing of select field something you are going to work on in nearest future or current implementation is kind of final/stable (at least for next several months)?

Can you be more specific as to what you’re finding difficult to work with and the differences you’re seeing on mac/win?

Specifically data binding to the options and data binding to the select value. Especially if value is an object. The difference i see right now is when one select options depends on other select value on mac dependent values are not get updated but it works on win. On win default option with empty value is selected correctly but it doesn’t work on mac.
I understand that it will be pretty cool to have tiny samples which show the problems but it will take a lot of time to implement such samples as I need to write all the code which is responsible for binding in the same way as it works in angular and write sample app which will use it.
So for now it will be great even if select will work the same on win and mac.
But quest remains the same. Is it something what is going to be changed in the upcoming releases or current implementation is stable? If it’s stable we will just remove all functionality which uses select fields and will redirect users to the web.

We would love to try to replicate this behavior but we don’t have any Angular binding example. Would it be possible to share a small repository of your plugin that shows this behavior? Our thought is that “this should work” but we wouldn’t know what exact problem we have here until we try it on our end.

@stevekwak, I built tiny sample project which let reproduce the problem:

You can find binaries in the repository. So it works on web - platform and baseline are always not null. On XD it throws error on platform change.