InDesign as votable category on purpose?

For the InDesign category InDesign, the type of the category is set so that you can “vote” on topics (like feature requests) instead of giving “likes”. Is that on purpose (since the other categories work differently)?

That’s intentional; I actually thought I set up voting everywhere, but perhaps not?

The voting is supposed to be similar to a UserVoice model; if there’s a bug affecting many users or a feature request that many people want, it’s handy to show the votes to the Product Manager.

You’re the first person to notice or mention that I enabled this feature…

I actually noticed this a while ago, but not sure how useful it is in general categories. I mean, for it to work properly, categories must be specifically just for feature requests or bug reports. Currently it’s a mix of everything and mostly there are simply general questions on how to implement something, so voting on such topics doesn’t really make sense, which would be a majority.

Just my 2 cents

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Also, there is a motivating gamification factor lost which can help to encourage folks to also share tips and tricks they learned without talking about specific questions/features/bug reports, which I often find quite valuable. I.e., while I’m not dependent on it, it’s a lot more fun to post about progress, showcase things, and share things you’ve learned/discovered (creating a sense of community), when you get notifications about somebody liking your post. Without it, unless anyone takes the time to reply (which is a lot more effort), there isn’t really a way to say appreciate posts.

So while of course, I can only speak for myself, I always appreciated (both being on the giving and the receiving end) of “hearts”. It’s also possible to sort posts by how many “likes” they received (instead of votes), so I don’t necessarily agree that it’s better in terms of showcasing feature requests (quite the opposite: with votes, compared to likes, you can’t see who voted for something to potentially ask follow-up questions / invite them to user interviews / etc.).

PS: BTW, e.g., Plugin Marketplace doesn’t have votes.

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Love the hearts, and as @pklaschka says, I think the whole non-verbal feedback loop of them is great.
Ain’t gonna lie, I like looking at the user rankings and it’s a big motivator for posting/commenting.

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Somewhat apropos - @Erin_Finnegan there was talk of axing this forum and migrating to the Adobe community forums; is this still the plan?
please say no, please say no, omg please say no

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:smiley: :point_up_2:

Good news, everyone!

After months of discussion internally and negotiating with Discourse, we can actually keep this forum for at least two more years. I haven’t paid for it yet, so “don’t count your chickens” etc.

This required quite a lot of effort on my part; Because Adobe stopped allowing software purchases on corporate cards, I had to learn about the entire procurement workflow and policies, defend using this software to the security committee (twice), talk to the legal team about contracts… it went on and on.

Long story short, Discourse is a small company, and Adobe is a large Enterprise.

So, first of all, I don’t care for “liking” a bug :sweat_smile:.

If there’s a way to turn voting on for only certain tags, that would be handy. Based on the billing structure we’ve agreed to, if that’s possible using the forums as-is with only built in plugins, great! If not, I can just turn voting off.

However, I’d like to add that when you put forum threads in front of a product manager, a big vote count is a very nice feature to have.


Maybe not a bug, but a nice report that makes it easy to reproduce :wink:.

Oh that would be perfect to do this for bug and feature-request tags :+1:

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This is fantastic news @Erin_Finnegan, thank you very much for your hard work and effort in doing this!

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