InDesign Object Model

I’m confused.

Is the InDesign Extendscript Object Model here the same as the InDesign UXP Object Model here

Is it that there is one InDesign Object Model, and the difference is just that with uxp we can use more modern javascript syntax? Or is it that there are two Object Models depending on whether we are writing extendscript or uxp?


InDesign has only one object model.
As you can see from the ExtendScript to UXP ( page, porting from ExtendScript to UXP Script requires some rewriting. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean there are any changes to the DOM.

Note that the DOM is
InDesign ExtendScript API Adobe InDesign 2024 ( Object Model is the correct one.
There are a few missing, but most are just missing descriptions. However, there may be some unimplemented features, but you won’t know until you try them.

@Omachi, Thanks very much. That clarifies it for me.


However we should be aware that the APIs are different. Many functions of the UXP “indesign” module are identical which those of ExtendScript and I still use the old documentation for programming in that area (because it is so much better structured on Gregor’s But sometimes that fails, because the API is different.

@hauke354 Thanks. I note your points. I’ll be alert to differences in the APIs.