Indeterminate progress bar

I’m trying to include an indeterminate progress-bar in my UXP plug-in, but the bar is not animated:


<dialog id="myProgress">
<form method="dialog">
<sp-progressbar indeterminate>Indeterminate</sp-progressbar>

In Javascript I show the bar by calling:

    _showProgressBar = async() => {
            title: "myTitle",
            resize: "none",
            size: {
                width: 480,
                height: 240

Are modal dialogs not updated?

Kind regards

As far as I know only determinate progress bars are implemented.

Animation is one of those things blocked by the legacy compositing engine in Ps, so indeterminate progress bars are not currently supported.
You can do basic animation with requestAnimationFrame, but the CPU utilization will be quite high, and Ps may become much slower to work, so I’d advise against it for now.