Installing my plugin for sale by myself

I tried to install a plugin I developed and sell via a ccx file and was asked to purchase it.

Is there any way to install it other than paying myself, using UDT, or changing the plugin id?

Change the ID (I personally use com.karmalakas.myPlugin.local for packaged final version and for unpackaged version for UDT, but it can be whatever you want)

I believe it’s been mentioned here in the forums, that it doesn’t make sense for owners to purchase their own plugins. I also package two versions when developing - Marketplace one with Adobe ID and also an exact copy with a different ID to do final testing and use myself

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@Karmalakas He asked of a way other than changing the plugin id.

No other way right now … you can contact Adobe and ask if they are creating a 100% discount coupon and you use it :slight_smile:

Oops… Misread :frowning:

Since I am using webpack, it would not be too difficult to change the id and export it. It will be helpful.

However, being able to manage it in the Creative Cloud App is a lot easier, so I am attracted to the discount coupon.

Thank you all for your answers.

I’ve mentioned this internally not so long ago, so the team is aware of the issue. If I may, I’d suggest as a protection to validate the ID inside the plugin (so that, in the unlucky occurrence somebody gets hold of your installer, just switching the ID doesn’t bypass the Marketplace entitlement check altogether).
As others have mentioned, it’s best if you keep a copy of your plugin with a custom ID for local use.

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