Manifest ID Question For Market Place

If you are selling via the Adobe Market Place and on your own website, can the plugin share the same Manifest ID or do you need to build one plugin for the marketplace and one for your website ?

If it’s a free plugin, then IDs can match. If not, then users won’t be able to install a paid plugin locally if they didn’t pay for it - CCD will prevent that

Thank for the clarification. I am pleased I asked.

Do do you maintain 2 versions of code, 1 for marketplace and one for website or do you just use 2 different id’s in your workflow

Currently I have all my plugins on Marketplace only, so I have no need for multiple IDs. I used to have a free plugin download on my website and it was exact copy of the one on Marketplace (with same ID)

@Karmalakas do you know if plugins on the market place are checked for updates automatically or does the developer have to manually update through the dev console

Not sure what you mean. Where would Marketplace check for updates? If you update your plugin, you must upload a new version through console. At least I don’t know any other way :face_with_monocle:

Thats what I thought @Karmalakas thanks