People say they can't install plugin and asking for direct download link

Sorry if this is completely off-topic, but I already had multiple encounters when someone says they can’t install plugin and asking if I have a download link outside of Marketplace. When I try to help and ask what actually happens when they try to install, some just insist on download link and some just disappear without any response.

Any idea what the motive might be? For me it feels like someone just wants to get their hands on plugin code (even though I have it obfuscated, still could be reverse engineered) without paying :thinking: But there’s also a free version, so not sure

I have double feelings about it - kind off makes me feel bad that something really isn’t working, but also I want nothing to do with such suspicious complaints and inquires :man_shrugging:

Well in old Exchange this was default behavior. It simply did not work in many cases.

But in Marketplace, as far as I know, it always works. But I wonder if that works also for people who pirated Photoshop :smiley:


That is a keen insight. Maybe they do that so they can get the plugin without an Adobe account.

Yep, I didn’t even think of pirated Ps, but sound like this might be the case

So, if they aren’t trying to scam you… you can download plugins from the Exchange website if you know the plugin ID:

For example, for Arranger, the plugin ID is 100201. However, you can’t download it from that page directly unless you’re logged in with an AdobeID.

That page also links to the HelpX article about troubleshooting downloads: Find solutions for installation issues with Creative Cloud app extensions and plugins

End users can also email for help.

That said, there could be other reasons they can’t use the Marketplace, like if they work for an Enterprise company…

If I were you I’d ask what error they are getting when they try to install.

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After I ask, they just go silent