How to download plugins purchased under a different email?

A pattern I’m quickly seeing emerge is that some customers purchase panels via CCD using an email address which is different from the one they use to log into Adobe Creative Cloud. As a result, they cannot install their purchased software.

Two questions:

  • How can they quickly resolve this? The 2-3 day email response is aggravating to many people.
  • Can the marketplace be updated to force login and use of their primary account email address to eliminate this mismatch issue?

Hi Greg, I’ve passed this along internally.

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@ashryan It would also be really helpful if the receipt linked to instructions for users to install. I’m finding a good number of people are confused with this new process. Linking to a simple video actually showing the process would really help people get on board quickly the first time (or if they haven’t used CCD in a while for a plugin). Thanks!

Hey Greg,

Following up on the second point here:
This is possible but won’t happen for a while. We’ve seen this same issue arise with a couple of other partners, but it’s honestly been a small handful.

There’s a poor assumption that multi-account users aren’t actively switching between accounts on the same machine – which would alleviate this issue.

And to drill in on the last comment, I’m not sure if I understand what you mean here about the linking to instructions from the receipt?

cc @gregbenz

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Hi Corey-

Thank you for the response. I agree that the percentage of purchases affected is relatively small, but it is an understandably frustrating experience for the end user to feel like they cannot install the software they just bought. If the purchase cannot be made to warn or force use of a known email, it would be ideal if there were simple and clear guidance on how to resolve the issue via the secondary email (which may not apply to institutional PS licenses, I’m not sure).

For the receipt, I mean that the actual receipt they get in email does not link to any instructions on how to install the purchased product. That would be a very useful place to provide clear guidance (ideally a page with an install video and help for common issues like mismatched emails, etc). Not only is this helpful at purchase, but many users will search email for old purchased when they buy a new computer, reinstall the OS, etc.

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Hi @corey,

You can add one more to your list. My plugin had been on sale for less than a day when I got my first email from an irate customer that did not receive their plugin. It took me another few days to figure out what was happening, but it seems they did not use the email address that is linked to their Adobe ID.

I’ve added a note about this to my marketing material, but this won’t stop this from happening again, and when it does, I am the one that gets the irate email. I am the one that loses the trust of my audience, which I’ve worked hard to build.

Adobe’s position of pushing this down the priority list is, in my opinion, completely irresponsible. We are both taking money from people for these plugins. Knowing about an issue that causes the product not to be delivered and doing nothing about it is a complete inexcusable fail. You wouldn’t see the little guys doing this, because we care, and even though we often lack resources, we work hard to overcome this kind of obstacle. Working with a giant like Adobe shouldn’t put developers and our audience in a position to immediately hit such a fundamental fail-point.

Please consider reprioritizing this. It’s not as insignificant as you’d like to think.

Martin Bailey.

@MartinBailey, what are you suggesting? What would the acceptable solution be for you?

I’m totally new in developing UXP plugins and I don’t see an issue here at all. IMO it’s completely fair that users have access to plugin only if they purchased it. I wouldn’t want my plugin to be used with some unknown emails other than it was purchased with.

I really don’t get how user can expect to use plugin on other account than it was bought. It’s the same as one person goes to a grocery store, buys some food and later some other random person complains he has nothing to eat when someone else did the shopping.

The only thing Adobe could do, is show clear notification on checkout, that plugin will be available only for the same account.

Hi @Karmalakas,

Of course the user should only be able to use the plugin if they’ve paid for it, but right now, they don’t get the plugin even if they have paid for it, if they use a different address to check out. Ideally Adobe could check for an Adobe ID associated with the email address that is used to buy it, but failing that, your suggestion would be fine.

I agree, that in general people will understand that they are buying the plugin associated with their Adobe ID, but it’s not necessarily obvious. They may think that it is simply downloaded, so that they can install the plugin and use it straight away. Maybe a good first step, as you say, would be to simply display a message during the checkout process that they have to buy with the same email address as their Adobe ID. That wouldn’t be too hard to implement either. I’d be up for that over doing nothing.

Martin Bailey.

I might be a bit confused :thinking:

Are you saying people can checkout with different email than they are logged in to CC? I mean if I’m logged in to CC with AccountCC and I have separate account on Fastspring and checkout with Account FS, Adobe can’t relate the order to the account with which “Byu” button was clicked? If so, then I really sincerely apologise and Adobe should definitely fix this on their side and any notification won’t help. I wouldn’t want to use same email for CC and FS :thinking:

That is correct. When you click the buy button for a plugin, the email address that you are signed in to CC with is automatically added to the email field on the Fastspring website, but you can change it. The notice below the email field just says “Double check that you’ve entered your email address correctly. We will send order information to it.” and mentions nothing of the requirement for the address to be the same as your Adobe ID or CC linked address.

Some people use different email addresses for different things, so it’s not surprising that some people go ahead and change this.

No need to apologize. I wouldn’t have believed this was possible either until my plugin went on sale, and it happened within 24 hours. I do hope Adobe realize that this is much higher priority to fix than they currently believe.

Martin Bailey.

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Yeah, I’d definitely change that email too. That’s either some really poor integration on Adobe side or a really cruicial limitation on Fastspring side if Adobe can’t relate the purchase otherwise. They need to communicate more to resolve this ASAP. Good thing I didn’t get such emails yet :slight_smile:

I just had my third customer who cannot find their plug-in after purchase, this time shouting at me in ALL CAPS! Am I the only one having this problem now? I know it‘s only a small percentage but I prefer happy customers over disappointed and angry ones. Is anything being done about this issue?