Moving a purchased plugin from one user account to another

I get this kind of request from users about once every three months.

My usual response to a user is:

I apologize for the inconvenience.

I would love to help you with your problem, but as a developer, I do not have the functionality to manage user accounts on the Adobe website.

You need to write to Adobe support about this problem.
I would be glad if I could be of more help to you.

But as you can see above in the screenshot, the user has already contacted Adobe support.
Please explain how I can transfer the user’s purchase to another account.
I don’t want to send the user a CCX file, due he might pass it on to someone else.

I also received a new message from the user


Can you please tell me where I can do what Adobe support tells the user to do?

Sounds very sketchy. I would even consider this as a phishing attempt to steal a plugin ownership. This myzoi domain is registered 1,5 years ago, but still on their page it says “Launching Soon”. They list their address in Abu Dhabi some tower 15th floor, but there are 4 towers, so good luck.

IDK, for me it looks like a scam, but anyway - it’s for Adobe to handle such cases, not for devs

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There is no phishing mechanism in his second message. He is asking me to turn off the plugin for one email and turn it on for another.

I also just looked into his data. This photographer has an active Instagram with 2800 followers and his website states that he is actually in Dubai.

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OK, then maybe a legit request :slight_smile: I’m very paranoid of such requests and similar emails overall :sweat_smile: There are more and more accounts stolen, so I guess a plugin might be no exception too :slight_smile:

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There is another problem here. From time to time I get these e-mails, not quite sure which mail they should be written to.

With this topic, I want to finally understand what to do and which support department to send users to.
I love being paranoid, too, and often my paranoia doesn’t let me down. Often I am right! :face_with_monocle: :blush:

Hi Alexandr,

  1. Reply to the user that they need to contact
  2. The support is usally giving a refund for the old account and the user can purchase it with the new account

I see it as a quite bad practice honestly :confused: Basically any user could get a refund for no reason after they are done using a plugin. Just say that you want a transfer and actually never transfer. Or is the refund not deducted from developers pocket?

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Well … there is no other option.

From experience, I can say that such abuse is probably very very rare. For me there are very few refunds. You can see it on Fastspring. And from these refunds a very small amount is probably using this abuse.

Of course this could be handled better by Adobe. But in the end for me it makes more sense to put time and work in new features/plugins as handling all these abuse edge cases.

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But as asked from Alexandr, the right contact for handling such plugin specific questions is


I had to refund one plugin for the exactly same reason. Some one did not notice that he bought plugin in browser using a different Adobe ID.

Maybe a bit off topic, but when there’s a refund, I assume user gets full price back. How much is taken from the developer? What I’m getting at, is if also full price is taken, basically developer is paying 10% of the plugin price.

Yes, you are right. The developer has to pay the Fastspring fees …