What's the best link to use when marketing a Photoshop plugin?

Hi All,

Could someone tell me what is the best link to use when marketing a Photoshop plugin?

My plugin was accepted yesterday, and I initially started to use the link that I got when I hit share for my plugin under the Marketplace tab of the Creative Cloud app, but I received a number of email from potential customers telling me that they were getting the following error:

"Safari can’t open "aam://ccd?=workflow=route to path…because MacOS doesn’t recognize internet addresses staring with “aam:”

So that I didn’t continue to show potential customers an error, I changed my links to go directly to the plugin in the Adobe Exchange, but then I heard from someone that bought the plugin but couldn’t find it anywhere. It was not installed or displayed automatically after the purchase. I imagine that would have been the case if they’d used the Creative Cloud app, but I’m circumventing that to avoid the other issue.

I checked out the documentation on Deep Linking, but that seems to be only for XD, so I’m a little bit stumped here. What is the optimal way to link to a plugin without presenting users with an error, but have the plugin automatically become available after purchase?