Is there a way to create artboard guide lines?

Is there a way to create artboard guide lines with the plugin API? To clarify what I mean by artboard guide lines, I’m talking about the guides shown here:

I can’t find anything on them in the docs, and I noticed that all of the plugins I’ve used so far that generate “guides” really just create a series of grouped line objects in the layers.

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Hi @mattlean,

First of all: Welcome to the community :wave::slightly_smiling_face:.

Currently, plugins don’t have access to guidelines or grids. You can find a feature request for that here: Get values from Layout grid / guides.

I hope this helps (although it’s probably not the answer you were hoping for),

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No worries, I can work around it. Hope support for it comes out in the future though.

Thanks for the welcome and I really appreciate the response!

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