Plugin Request - Generate Guide Lines


I would like to generate horizontally guides each 11px (or custom selection, 11 is important for me)

Here is a video:

The reason why I want guides lines and not repeat a line with a repeat guide is because I can use the shortcut Ctrl+; to hide or show the guides (and that can be a mouse shortcut)

The plugin should be something like this:

Can anyone help me?

Hey @florinkis
I am currently working on a Ruler plugin at the moment.
Would it help you or do you need guide lines that span across the artboard?

The Ruler Markings will be locked layers hence not interfering with the actual design elements and they can be toggled on/off.

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Unfortunately, you can’t manipulate XD’s UI guides from plugins, currently, as far as I can tell.


I have dropped you an email.

In the meantime, have you considered the built-in square grid feature of XD?

Thank you @kushalrajkarnikar!

Yes, I know that feature, sadly overall it’s about UI guidelines. I trust @cpryland with this one.

Hope in the future updates a horizontal guidelines feature will be available.

Thank you, guys!


Hi, what you are looking for is this:

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Hi @plugisto,

Sadly the guides are actually lines, I can do it manually, also they cannot be show or hide from a shortcut key.

Thank you for suggestion!

Can a plugin be made to hide picked lines, in this case, those grid-lines?
If I understand your request, that could be a solution, no?

Something like that, the plugin should do something like this:
-Generate a group with a specific name (where you can add anything you want, grids, inspiration images, etc)
-Hide & Show that group from a shortcut

That would be fantastic.