Is there a way to make live CSS edits in debug mode?

Hi! Recently I’ve been developing my own Photoshop plugin with Vue. I noticed that the debug menu is essentially the Chrome developer console with a few minor differences. One of those differences is not being able to make live edits to the styling of elements. I was wondering if there was a way to enable this.

In my workflow at least, I’m always making live edits to see how something would look or to fix certain issues with the styling. If this isn’t possible, what workflows do you guys use? Thanks!

If you mean live CSS changes, I fear that’s not possible yet.

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Yes, that’s what I mean. Quite unfortunate to hear. Hopefully, this gets added in a feature release. Thanks for letting me know!

Coming to the public very soon.

IIRC, it should already be possible in the Ps prerelease w/ UDT 1.3.

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Awesome to hear! That will make development so much easier. Thanks!