Is there is a reload event?

If I’m using UDT and make a change in VSCode, and I have watch on, is there a way to tell that the plugin has been reloaded? Is there a load or reload event that I can listen for?

Or can I have Adobe XD or UDT show a desktop notification or play a sound when the plugin is reloaded?

Currently, You can look at UDT LOGS to know if plugin has been reloaded.

Is there a way to tell from the plugin with javascript?

You can use require("uxp").entrypoints to get notified.

const entrypoints = require("uxp").entrypoints;
    plugin: {
        create() {
            // called on load/reload
            const item = sessionStorage.getItem('pageHasBeenLoaded');
            if (item) {
                console.log('this is a reload');
                // do something to notify user
                const dialog =  document.createElement("dialog");
                dialog.innerHTML = "<div><h1>This is page reload</h1></div>";
            sessionStorage.setItem('pageHasBeenLoaded', 'true');
            console.log("created", this);
        destroy() {
            // called only on unload

:100: what I was looking for! :pray: