API to reload plugin

API to reload my plugin.

Use Case
I have a few cases where I’m getting errors. I’ve been able to wrap them in try catch blocks but with a few errors my plugin needs to be reloaded. If I encounter an error I would like to show an error icon in the panel and when the user clicks on it, it reloads the plugin.

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Try using window.location.reload() and see if that works for your needs.

Wow, had no idea. A bit drastic, no? :wink:

Agreed that it should be a last resort. :slight_smile: Also, doesn’t actually seem to work – I just tried it in a panel, and it just blanks it.

So, in this case, ignore me – I’ll blame the “getting-back-from-vacay-brain”.

What version of XD / OS does this work on? I just tried on my machine, and clicking the title didn’t do anything.

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