Add more shortcuts "around" the developer console


e.g., opening the console, clearing the console, etc.

One use-case of this is that when I’m switching from my IDE to Adobe XD and reload the plugin, the XD window is in front of the console, meaning it takes multiple steps to get to the console again. Also, having to click “Clear the console” every time is quite cumbersome (but needed, since, for me, every reload means 20 "this plugin got reloaded successfully).

Also, if the “Reload plugins” shortcut worked inside the console, that would be great (since I at least wouldn’t have to go to the console window, clear the console, go to the XD window, reload the plugins and then go to the console window again to see if it reloaded successfully).

I couldn’t agree more.


@pklaschka instead we can use always on top checkbox option to be added also ignore internal error check box to show only error from our plugin files only

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The console would definitely need some refinements, I completely agree. However, on Mac ‘Reload Plugins’ works both inside the console and the XD window.

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Added my vote for:

  • clearing the console
  • opening the console


  • auto reload plugin when plugin directory is modified (maybe make a auto reload option in the manifest)
  • search in the console
  • increase console buffer

I think xd team is aiming more to connect to devtools. I am praying for that. right now the dev process is so painfull it hurts me. :slight_smile:


@igcorreia we are! You can expect a major update on this soon


Got it :slight_smile: team very excited with Inspect and Panels UI.