Jsx scripts outside of C:/Program Files?

So I’ve just noticed that there seems to be Actions/Swatches folders (among others) in the
AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2022\Presets
folder, so I’m wondering if there is another place that scripts can be copied to that isn’t in Program Files as that requires elevated privilege’s and is/will cause me headaches for our internal tooling pipeline.

Obviously the most ideal would be to be able to add a “scripts” folder that doesn’t actually require us to copy files around on users machines but I’m not holding my breath for that from PS…

Is there somewhere else without Admin rights being needed that we can copy them to?


I’ve been experimenting with making a scripts folder in the public user directory in windows C:\Users\Public and mac equivalent, then making a shortcut in that AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2022\Presets folder. It works, but still requires admin privs to make the initial shortcut.
The advantage is that you can build a tooling pipeline to update that public access directory via batch or some other automation. Might even be able to access from a photoshop plugin to directly copy from a CDN into that folder?

Yeah not sure that really solves the issue that well but guess it could be a totally last ditch option.

I guess one other thing would just be to use an update/install jsx script (I have one kicking around that I’ve adapted from Davide’s installer CEP script ages ago…) Not super idea still, but at least PS will let you move stuff when done from within PS…

Edit: and upon further inspection, that script still doesn’t work without starting PS in admin mode…forgot about that cavaet…ugh…

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I guess I have the same question for startup scripts, is it still only run from

On Windows, the startup folder for user-defined scripts is:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Startup Scripts CC\Adobe Photoshop

as in the old scripting docs? Would again, be very handy to have some way of adding extra folders in an environment variable or something like most DCC’s do (I get that most of them are python based, but surely PS can support a “ScriptsPath” environment variable that can be set…)

Having no outside Program Files scripts folder is a real big hinderance when it comes to setting up workflows within a company setting where Admin privilege’s might not be available (or are a pain to have to get IT to come and allow it on a per-user basis)

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