PSJS / Filter menu


When I was writing some jsx files, I was putting this in my code :

<name>name of the jsx script</name>
<about>about text, describe jsx script</about>

And the name of the jsx script was displayed at the bottom of the “Filter” menu, in Photoshop.
How to do the same thing with .psjs files ?

Thank you !

I’m afraid It’s not possible yet.
<javascriptresource> hasn’t been implemented—as a consequence, it’s not possible to record a script with a UI and pass to the recorded Action the parameters (which was also a feat. of javascriptresource).
I’ve raised this internally, but there’s no ETA yet.

Yes exactly, I was using the feature action too! Crossing my fingers it will come soon ! Installing Action / Script on multiple machines was easy with just drag & drop in PS folders !

Thank you !