Link to open the extension page in Adobe XD

This is probably in Adobe’s TODO list already, but It would be great to have the ability to create a link that opens the plugin page inside Adobe XD directly from the browser.

Apple makes something similar with macOS apps in the Mac App Store (see example in the screenshot below).

This would be an invaluable tool for developers to promote their plugin and the plugin ecosystem would greatly benefit from this.

Asking people to open XD, click on “Discover plugins”, etc. is a no go.


That’s already possible :slightly_smiling_face:.

The url[pluginId] opens a page similar to the one in your screenshot for the plugin with that id.

For example, this is the page of my Lorem Ipsum plugin:


Thanks, that is what I was looking for! I wonder why this feature is not properly advertised though.

Even the email that Adobe sends when the plugin is published states “Users can find your plugin by launching XD and clicking “Discover Plugins” from the Plugins menu.” while it would be much more helpful to let developers know that there is a better way to market/distribute their plugins.

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We do have a docs page for plugin “deep links” here:

Great suggestion to have the approval email point this out though! CC @ashryan