Share your deep links for a blog post?

Deep linking was made available in XD 15 this week. I’m working on a blog post for the Adobe Tech blog and want to show off some deep links. Please share yours here! Even after it’s posted I’ll add your links later on.

Have you tried it yet? I just made a link to Lorem Ipsum to try it out myself (it totally works).


I just now wanted to share the link for Lorem Ipsum right now until I read the last paragraph of your post :slightly_smiling_face: (thanks for using it as an example) – it really works great (I’m currently working on integrating them on my plugins’ homepage).


For people who catch this thread after Erin publishes her article:

It’s usually a good idea to use the #XDplugin hashtag on Twitter. It increases the chances Adobe staff and community developers (and perhaps even users!) can discover your tweet and engage.

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Deep link to Lorem Ipsum works perfectly for me too!

Here are mine, choose whatever you want.
Thank you in advance.

App Icon Generator


Change Case

Convert Shape

Frame Maker


Pattern Maker




I knew you’d be first to respond so I decided to beat you to the punch!

Here’s the article:


A friend of mine wanted to check out my plugin so I sent him a deep link. I realized that if he doesn’t have XD installed or if the script does not automatically open he won’t see anything about my plugin.

Is it possible to display some plugin details on the linked / download page?

@Velara as you know, currently all Adobe Xd plugins and their descriptions live inside the plugin manager. So if XD is not installed, the deeplink won’t show the description of the plugin. However, once XD integrates with Adobe Exchange (web based), the plugin will have a web page with description and everything. Stay tuned!