Plugin does not appear in Adobe resources web page

I have successfully submitted my plugin, and thanks to the review team, it has been accepted. However, I can find my plugin in Adobe XD plugin manager and I can install it, I cannot find it in Adobe resources web page here. Does it take time to appear there or only a subset of plugins appear there?
Thanks in advance

Hi @hossamAbdelnaser!

The page you linked to is a curated page. It isn’t updated automatically with newly published plugins.

You can, however, get a deep link directly to your plugin on the Plugin Manager.

On your listing, scroll down to “Copy link”:

You’ll get a link like this:


Thanks much @ashryan

Might be nice to refresh that curated page with popular plugins which were released after it was last updated…

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@_mikeschwartz @DrewEndick do we have any info we can provide on how/when this page gets updated?

We’ll be updating this page in the next few weeks!

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It’d be great if it could reflect the new Collections (he said selfishly, since one of our plugins is in the Jumpstart your Designs collection). :wink:

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Yup - stay tuned. We’re likely moving the page so we can update it much easier.