Loading particular plugins on startup


Is there a way to specify a path to a plugin on the command line when launching Photoshop so that the plugin will be automatically loaded?

I’m currently working on a plugin that communicates with a Python websockets server, and PS is being launched by a script that starts the Python server before opening PS. I’ll be releasing new versions of the plugin over time, which will be deployed with the package management system we use called ‘rez’. Once a new version is deployed out that version will be referenced in the startup script through an environment variable - and I’m hoping to be able to launch Photoshop with that plugin loaded, like:

# PLUGIN_ROOT = C:/.../1.0.1/plugin_folder
$ photoshop -LoadPlugin ${env.PLUGIN_ROOT}/manifest.json

Sorry I hope that makes sense, I don’t know if I’ve explained it very well. But the essence is that I want to be able to load particular plugins by path on PS launch on the command line.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Many thanks,