Manifest ignored on plugin publish

When I published plugin all description fields were populated from manifest.json.
Now on plugin release manifest.json is ignored and old values are used instead. Specifically for plugin description, name and so on.
Expected behavior - like it was in very beginning, read manifest.json and populate all fields correctly.

I have the impression that they now want you to fill most of those values in the console.

But, I agree, if you don’t provide them, they should come from the manifest, not default to the old values.

So, we’ve separated metadata from the manifest due to the increased amount of content (screenshots), future plans, and also because there are publishers who want to be able to update metadata without having to dig into the dev’s JSON.

If you keep this metadata in your plugin, you’ll start to notice soon that XD will warn in the console that these fields are no longer required. This will simplify the manifest greatly (keeping it more functional rather than full of user-facing data).

If you’re submitting an update to a plugin, we should pull the previously submitted data in the console – but a new plugin won’t have existing data to pull from.

FYI – should you copy and paste from the manifest, watch for escaped characters. “\n” and friends won’t render as you might expect (as in, they’ll render verbatim, not as a newline).