JSON Schema for manifest.json

I’ve just published a JSON schema file for the plugin manifest.json file. It can get used to validate your manifest.json while editing it and for coding assistance features like linting (as I’ve basically just said :laughing:) and autocompletion.

Especially with the recent changes to the (required) structure of said file, this can be incredibly helpful for updating your plugins to fit the new requirements (in fact, that’s the main reason I’ve created the schema file in the first place :wink:) .

You can find the repo (containing usage instructions in its README.md) here: https://github.com/pklaschka/xd-manifest-schema

(Please note that this is still an early version and will get enhanced with time. If you find any issues, please open an issue describing what’s wrong on GitHub and I’ll try to get it fixed asap).


And – with the help by the GitHub user prontobacon (I don’t know if you’re also here in the forums), there’s now also a guide on how to set this up for VSCode. Thank you very much for your contribution (and if someone knows how to do this in another editor/IDE, feel free to follow prontobacon’s lead and open a pull request adding the guide).


You’re very welcome and thanks for the schema!! :smile: