⚡ Validator for UXP is now available on VSCode Marketplace

Validator for UXP is now available on VSCode Marketplace: Validator for UXP (Beta) - Visual Studio Marketplace :fire:

And open-sourced on GitHub: GitHub - jardicc/vscode-uxp-validator :beers:

Please check it and let know your feedback. Also any info to improve rules is highly appreciated.



Awesome work!

Would you be open to accepting a PR (and activating a corresponding deployment) to generating the manifest schemas to JSON files and hosting them on GH Pages? This could enable the manifest.json features in other editors and IDEs as well. And from what I can tell, yours are the most up to date publicly available schemas.

I would really like to see PRs regarding to:

  1. Manifest schema vscode-uxp-validator/server/src/manifestValidation/Schemas at main · jardicc/vscode-uxp-validator · GitHub
  2. Host app version dependent behavior and validation vscode-uxp-validator/server/src/manifestValidation/jsonQuirksDetector.ts at main · jardicc/vscode-uxp-validator · GitHub
  3. CSS properties, values, selectors, … vscode-uxp-validator/server/src/CssService/data/uxpCustomData.ts at main · jardicc/vscode-uxp-validator · GitHub
  4. Host app versions vscode-uxp-validator/common/versionTable.ts at 9738dc369eb10c11e317704a4630f2f7eac8756d · jardicc/vscode-uxp-validator · GitHub

Right now schema is TS file and for now I would like to keep it this way. Once the project is more settled we can think about GH actions.

Project is open-sourced so if you want to do that… you can. You could also fork repo and add GH actions on your side and merge my project time to time.

What the other popular IDEs here except for VSCode?

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Also it uses LSP (Language Server Protocol) so it should be easier to make also versions for other IDEs. (although I have no plans for it.)

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I think that’s a good call. My idea would have been to use GH Actions to convert the TS to a JSON schema file and put it onto GitHub Pages. But totally fair if you would rather not integrate it (especially in the early stages). That’s why I wanted to ask before looking into how this could be implemented.

Fair. I don’t really have the capacity right now to maintain a fork-based project, so this won’t come from my end (maybe somebody else wants to do that, though?).

Personally, I heavily rely on JetBrains IDEs (for UXP mostly WebStorm). And while I love all the support annotations you implemented for VSCode, I wouldn’t want to maintain a plugin for the Jetbrains IDEs, trying to resolve conflicts between their native language support and the language server provided through Validator. Given that most of these IDEs support JSON schemas out of the box, all it takes for the manifest.json autocompletion support to be ported would be a hosted JSON schema that’s up-to-date.

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JetBrains IDEs :slight_smile: I personally use PhpStorm. But probably what @pklaschka wrote would be enough. IDK how this works, but if there’s a schema, I’d try to use it with someones help on how to set it up :blush:

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…so since I see 21 downloads and no issues reported I assume it works as it should? :thinking:

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It worked great for me on my new plugins! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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