MergeId in XD 23

Is the mergeId not working on XD 23? It dosn’t seem to be working on my end.

Oh yeah, I think something changed wrt that – @schenglooi can you fill in the details here?

Note that mergeId is only supported for “high-frequency” UI events, such as dragging a slider or individual keystrokes while typing a text field. For events that are more discrete, like clicking a button, XD keeps each user gesture as a separate Undo step even when they are consecutive.

See editDocument() docs for details.

@peterflynn True. But it’s not working.

Starting with XD 23, mergeId if provided will only be used for all high-frequency events but ignored (this is what changed in 23) for all other UI events. If a mergeId is not provided for a high-frequency UI event, one will be automatically generated.

@Ali Can you explain what is not working for you?

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Hi @schenglooi — it is used on a slider when the change event fires, we have fidgeted with the code but it still returns each undo level separately. If it is supposed to work then it is probably something on our end, thank you for confirming that it’s working, I will find a way to sort it out.

Slider’s change event isn’t considered hi-frequency. Try using input event instead.

@schenglooi It is an input event. By slider I was referring to an “input” “range” element,