XD 26 release - debugging & drag/drop APIs

XD 26 is here with some exciting new features for plugin developers!

  • Drag & drop support

    • Enable users to drag image/text content from your plugin panel UI into the XD document.
    • Enable arbitrary drag/drop gestures that are fully contained within your plugin UI.
    • Not yet supported: Dragging content onto your plugin from an outside source (e.g. dropping files on your plugin UI, or dragging images from another app into your plugin).
    • See the drag/drop API release notes or our drag/drop sample code.
    • Don’t forget to update your plugin’s minVersion if you are going to rely on drag & drop features.
  • Plugin debugging (beta) – use the Chrome DevTools UI (CDT) to debug your plugin

    • XD may be unstable while debugging. Don’t debug when you have important XD files open.
    • Sources tab – Set breakpoints, pause & stop through code, inspect the values of variables.
    • Console tab – View objects and run code in the Console view.
      • Warning: Console does not show all messages reliably yet. Use XD’s Developer Console view as a backup.
    • Elements tab – View and edit the DOM structure of your plugin’s UXP UI, and view some CSS.
      • Warning: many other features in Elements do not work yet.
    • Other CDT features do not work correctly yet.
    • Read the plugin debugging tutorial to learn how to enable debugging.

Further reading

As always, let us know what you think, and tell us all about what you’re building!


The drag&drop feature works great with image and txt files.

But, is it possible to simply drag a text, say a div’s content, into the Scenegraph without using external txt files?
Further, it seems that ondragend() is not a supported UI event, since the error in the console when trying to edit the text node created on the Scenegraph.

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Hi Paolo —

So, for this first version of drag-and-drop, the plugin has no control over how XD interprets the drop. Essentially, XD is just doing the same thing it does when a file is dropped from an external source.

We’ve got the ability to modify the scenegraph when the drop finishes in the backlog, but I have no date yet when it’ll be done. Essentially, though, you’d be able to register a callback of some sort (a bit like editDocument) and create a new text element that contained the text in the scenegraph.


So you can’t just supply some text (not from a file) as the drop source?

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Let’s say you have an image of button in your panel that is draggable. If a user drags and drops that on the scenegraph can you then add a rectangle node, text node and group to where the user drops? Or is that what is planned in the backlog?