New Open Source Plugin: Document Chat

After spending the past few days preparing for the plugin’s release (instead of getting enough sleep), I’m too tired to write complicated texts about the plugin.

But: I’m excited to say that I’ve now launched my newest plugin (Document Chat). The plugin also is open-source, and I’ve tried using some technologies I hadn’t used for plugins before.

Among them are:

  • Typescript
  • React with React Router
  • Cypress for component tests
  • A fully automated CI release system using GitHub actions

You can find the plugin’s source code at :slightly_smiling_face:.

The plugin itself is a chat plugin that doesn’t require any external server (by storing the data in the document’s metadata itself).

Install in XD:

Product hunt page:

PS: As I don’t trust the GitHub notification system: @ashryan, I’ve opened a PR to add this to xd-awesome, so please see this a manual notification for that (it has no hurry, just a manual notification as I don’t trust the native GitHub ones :wink:)