Open plugin dialog in same location out of way on Win and Mac

On Mac if I open my plugin dialog it slides in from the top and is anchored to the top. If I open my plugin dialog on Windows it is popped up, floating in the center.

For the most part this is fine but with the Alignment plugin the more of the design view you see the better.

Is there a way to have my plugin appear in the same location on Windows as it does on Mac (at the top)?

Also, if I change the size of the pop up (show separate view) and the view size is different than the current view size the dialog (on OSX) is “detached” from the top edge of the view.

Use Case
In my Alignment plugin the buttons are all used to align items on the stage. If the dialog appears in the center of the screen it is right in the way of the stage. On OSX it is along the top and out of the way so you can see where the elements are positioned as you click the buttons in the dialog.

Clearly a panel plugin would be ideal in this case. (To state the obvious. :wink: )

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Normally I’d agree, but this plugin is a complimentary plugin to another plugin panel. So you’ll have the main plugin panel open and then this one pops up with a keyboard shortcut on an as needed basis.