Plugin Screen Position

I’m working on an iMac Retina but I would imagine that this also applies to Windows folk.

When we load a plugin using the developer tool the panel initially appears at the top left side of the screen. When a panel has been moved it retains its last position. I would like to explicitly position the panel with an XY location and maintain its position programatically - just as you could do with Windows Forms under .Net. The location must be stored somewhere but I can’t pinpoint want’s being updated - I’ve looked in library/preferences etc. but no joy.

I’d also really like to have control over the background colour of my panel - thought I suspect this is not possible as Adobe want all plugins to have the same look.

I worked in IT before retirement - but with “proper” languages - Cobol etc. I now like to take photographs ( a fifty plus year hobby) and I want to tie my hobby to my IT skills.


Alas, you can’t currently define a plugin’s position programmatically. You can use Photoshop’s Workspaces though.
This only works on startup with a packaged/installed plugin; in the case of a plugin loaded with the UDT one would need to reset the workspace to reposition the panel.

As for changing background colour, you can set the background-color of any any HTML DOM element within the plugin panel but afaik you can’t change the plugin’s docking tab and border.

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Thanks Tim, the reply is greatly appreciated. As time progresses and the UXP documentation catches up with the released software these things will become clearer.

I think this should be under Ps category, not XD

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On a side note; ages ago I experimented with this and IIRC you can trigger workspace reloads via batchPlay, so in theory you could have a plugin automatically reposition itself provided there is an extant workspace with that plugin included (even if loaded from UDT).
I wouldn’t quote me on this though, it was something I half-heartedly experimented with a couple of years ago!