Transparent background

Support for transparent UI background.

Use Case:
Hellen has a plugin that updates the art board live. She wants to be able to see the changes applied while her plugin dialog is visible. She doesn’t want to use a plugin panel but is not opposed to it. She sets the plugin dialog background to transparent and positions the plugin dialog along the top of the design view when it’s invoked.

Wouldn’t you also need an API to position the dialog? This use case can be easily handled by the new entry point, panel.

For my main use case I’d like to set the background to transparent so that you can see the artboard contents underneath.

Setting the position would allow me to have it out of the way when it appears. On OSX it is up at the top and mostly out of the way but not always and in Windows it’s smack dab in the middle of the screen.

The Alignment plugin is to show up quickly through a keyboard shortcut on as needed. It’s use is temporary. The plugin panel is more long term use. I have two plugins that are complimentary to each other so here’s my use case:

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Gotcha. We will review this internally in the next feature request review sessions. Thanks!

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