openExternal not working in V2?

const {
} = require("uxp")


stopped working for me in V2 i believe. Didn’t notice when migrating from V1 until now.
Maybe i have another mistake elsewhere. But i don’t think so.
Searched the docs and the forum but i’m remaining clueless.
Do i need to change somehing in manifest or so?
I’m on PS 23.3.0 20220405.r.394 3413e05 arm64


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Thanks Kerry, i read your article before and i’m quite sure the manifest is ok. By looking at the code snippet above, would you say this should work in API2 if the manifest is correct? Because in that case i would know in which direction my nose should go.

Please share the manifest so we can double check.

But, openExternal is independent of API Version 2 in Ps – openExternal’s behavior is gated by the manifest version instead.