Outline Stroke (border) and Offset Path functionality preview


Preview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/_IBTD2IUfuY

Astui’s API is being extended in the beginning 2019 to allow for Expand Stroke (“Expand Stroke” in Illustrator speak), plus Offset Path. The above video demonstrates the new vector API in action within Adobe XD which currently lacks both of these essential design tools natively.

We think this is all very pair of new functions, but for those familiar with design tools, the ability to truly offset an open path is unique. The power is immense for diagrams where, for example, leading lines can be offset with immense ease.

For details about the current public Astui API which features Smart Point Removal (briefly demonstrated in this video) and Move Points to Tangencies, please visit astui.tech

All new functionality is based on Astute Graphics’ AG Tech which has been in development for many years. Astute Graphics is the leading developer of pro-level vector tools for Adobe Illustrator since 2006.


This looks AMAZING :slight_smile: Happy to see how this plugin and your tech is progressing!


Thanks @kerrishotts ! Exciting times. The question is, how far do we push XD to become a vector creation tool in its own right…