New Plugin: Vectorize

Hi everyone, I have a new plugin to announce. It’s called Vectorize and it takes whatever image or layer you give it and vectorizes it.



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The paths it create are named the color of the fill making it easy to modify the colors:


After that:



Wow another good one by @Velara! I wonder if you could use this together with Astui’s smart point removal

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That’s a good point. I haven’t tried it but now I’m curious. Anyone from @astutegraphics want to try it?

Vectorize creates the paths based on the image and doesn’t discriminate or optimize the paths that it creates.

With large images or layers or lots of colors there can be more than a 1000 to 10k+ paths.

One tip that works sometimes is if the original image creates a lot of paths reduce it’s size and then vectorize it and check how it looks.