Placeholder prompt on Windows is darker text than in OSX

On OSX the prompt or placeholder text that is in text inputs is a light gray by default.
On Windows the placeholder prompt is dark gray until you put the cursor in the text field. Then it’s the same light gray as on OSX.

On Mac:


Steps to reproduce:

  • Add a text input to a form
  • Set the placeholder property to any value

On Windows the text is dark gray until it gains focus. On Mac it’s light gray with or without focus.

It is the same (light gray) on both whether the input has focus or not.

Could you please attach your screenshots of your observations there?

On Mac:


I didn’t notice it at first but the more text inputs there are on a form the darker it looks.

@kerrishotts would this be considered something we can fix or is this an expected Windows behavior?

I’ve doing some more work on Windows and the form looks like it is filled in. On large forms like what my plugins have it is more noticeable. Is there any update on this?

If you place your cursor in the text field the text is light gray again (this is the desired look).

You can test this by opening any Velara 3 plugin on Windows, opening a panel or dialog, look at the text before you put the cursor in the text field and then put the cursor in the text field. The same as this image below: