Plugin file is not uploading in Adobe Developer Console

I’ve been trying to upload the Xd file to the Adobe Developer Console since yesterday. It’s an update for a plugin, but at the step where you add “Plugin file,” after adding the file, the upload progress indicator next to the files turns and turns, and the file would not upload.

Has anyone had the same experience? Could it be the .xdx file?

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I am still unable to upload.
Has anyone uploaded a plugin update in the Dev Console for the last two days? It’s not working on my end, testing on multiple network connections, and on different machines; the issue is not on my end I assume.

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I uploaded a patch for a PS plugin yesterday. Had no problems.

It looks like the same issue: Can’t publish new plugin update - Adobe XD - Adobe Creative Cloud Developer Forums

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That’s right, it’s exactly the same.

I had the sams issue. This solved it for me.

Problem: I zipped (made .xdx) the folder and not the contents.

Solution: Select everything inside your plugin folder and zip that. And this new zip file will be your xdx for upload.

The tutorial for packaging is here: Packaging your plugin · Adobe XD Plugin Reference