Preview in Adobe XD before submitting a plugin version

Me again with feedback on “Console” and plugin submission, sry :smiley:

It is very nice feature to see how the plugin will look in Plugin manager before submitting, so you can tweak the copy, logos or screenshots, but it appears that this feature doesn’t work anymore. Or is it just me?

After the “Something went wrong” modal appears, then you also can’t preview any of the installed plugins anymore, not until you restart XD.

See the screenshots below:

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The same happens for me (I’ve never actually seen it working, yet), so it’s at least not just you :wink:

I remember it used to work before, but can’t exactly remember when it stoped :slight_smile:

Can someone from Adobe confirm that this is broken, or if it’s not supposed to work any more?

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I thought it should still be working. :-/

The console just got an update… maybe it’s working now?

Actually I can’t find that button.