Plugin Version On Market Place

What happens in this scenario.

You have version 3.x live on the market place.
You introduce Version 4 which is a paid upgrade as it has new features.

I presume you only have the one version on the market place so what happens to version 3 if you need to fix a bug.

Someone may not want to pay to upgrade to version 4 as they are happy with what version 3 has to offer but would benefit from the bug fix.


You would need to support both. I think @DavideBarranca asked about similar scenario during one of the meet-ups and the answer was a strict no. Meaning - we won’t be able to define prices just for upgrades.

This also introduces another problem - v4 will cost the same for current users and new users. Solution was offered to get discount codes for current users. I asked, how do we know who current users are and how to give them discounts. There was no answer basically. IIRC, it was said something like “please in such case contact us and we will see if we can do anything”

When a user buys from the Market Place, don’t we have access to any information in the FastSpring dashboard or is nothing registered there ?

I’dd suggest that you probably want to have two plugins now:

  • “Classic” version of your plugin (V3 + Bug Fixes)
  • “Pro”/“Plus” version of your plugin (V4 & Paid)

I think existing entitlements would get the new version for free, but I’m not positive… but that seems to me a good reason to split into two plugins.

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Nope, you get absolute zero of information. Neither Fastspring nor Adobe gives you anything about users.

And I didn’t completely understand what Kerri is offering. Wonder how existing plugin users would get a new one for free. Even though the request was if we could have a separate price for the upgrade, and not to give it for free

sorry I meant to say that if you didn’t have separate plugins, your existing users would get the new version for free… which is what it sounds like you don’t want to offer.

Having two separate plugins means you can leave the existing one set to free & still give it bug fixes, and the other plugin can be paid… but if you wanted to give existing users a discount, you’d have to go through the very manual ask-for-coupons route.

Does this mean we can have multiple plugins with the same name but different version numbers live on the market place ?

No; you’d have to have two separate names & listings (basically: two ids).

  • “your plugin (Classic)” (existing plugin id)
  • “your plugin (Pro)” (new plugin id)

But the plugin Ids would be unique… which does add a different challenge: if a user has any data attached to that plugin, the new plugin wouldn’t see it (because it’s a different Id). Not sure if that applies to your plugin, though.

Also @kerrishotts when a new version is sent to the market place, how is the user notified of the new version ?

FYI @Erin_Finnegan for your tracking of the developer voice ^^^ This is a great reason to 1) support multiple versions in a single listing, and 2) why the manual coupon process for offering upgrades wouldn’t work effectively, and 3) why upgrade pricing in the same listing would be useful (otherwise users can’t easily transfer from one plugin id to the other)

Updates surface in CCD or Exchange.

You could probably surface this in your plugin UI as well – although I think that might require some scraping from the Exchange listing… I haven’t tried tthat.

Correct, I’ve been asking for upgrade prices for ages, and in the last Meetup I’ve been told “well, no way” :joy: I’ve appreciated the frankness, though!
I’m still a bit surprised, because upgrade prices were the dull, boring, wonderful norm for decades in the software industry before it got hit by the subscription mania. It still seems to me like a very basic feature.

Also, IIRC, FastSpring allows (quite advanced) price rules, e.g. if the customer has bought product X, then they can have product Y at this (different) price, so technically I believe it could be implemented.

Anyway, at least we know it’s something we’ll never see in the CC Marketplace—if you need more flexibility, then a separate FastSpring store to use side by side with the CC Marketplace can be opened for free.

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Again same question - how do we know whom to give discounts for? How do we know who existing users are?

If FastSpring doesnt supply any information about a sale, how do you know when a sale has been made ?

You see only when (date without time), plugin name, and the amount of money. To get the amount for each plugin, you have to calculate yourself, because it only shows percentage in a pie chart. And that’s only weekly. If you sell a lot and want to see daily which plugin earned how much, you’re out of luck

If Adobe marketplace doesn’t offer the feature, like upgrade pricing or coupon codes, maybe in the interim, the marketplace could provide a link on the plugin page to the plugin authors fastspring storefront that fastspring hosts on their site? Fastspring allows their users the option to create a storefront on that lists a users products.

I know I’ll need these features as well. I plan to create a paid version but existing users should get a license free for it or upgrade pricing. In other words:

  • a way to grant a user a license to the paid version (maybe a page in the adobe io console)
  • upgrade pricing from one version to the next
  • coupon codes (less important)

I suppose I could have the users buy the paid version in the market place and then refund them through other means but that would be cumbersome.

By then, you’d already lost 10% of the full price

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