Provide a better search engine for the Discover Plugins panel (taking into account e.g. the description)

Currently, the description of a plugin doesn’t get indexed in the plugin search.

Since many plugins have names that need a precise search to find them, it would be great if the description (or – although that wouldn’t be much better – at least some kind of keyword list) got indexed. One personal example for me is my plugin called Text Toolbox. It allows to insert placeholder text, adjust an area text’s height and more. However, if one searches for one of these things (e.g. “Placeholder Text,” “Lorem Ipsum,” etc.), the plugin isn’t listed in the results (since I only mentioned those in the description).

This doesn’t mean plugins containing those searched terms should be ranked higher than the ones carrying it in the title (e.g. “Lorem Ipsum” should – of course – be higher ranked than “Text Toolbox”, if someone searches for “Lorem”), but it would be great if these plugins at least got included in the search. If I currently search for “placeholder text,” no plugins get found while both my mentioned plugins qualify for that and (by design :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) have placeholder text included in their description.

Good news - this is coming in the next release! Stay tooned :slight_smile: