React starter plugins load without error but are empty

I just finished going through this set of instructions to set up the starter react plugin. The plugin does load into photoshop, however there is no content inside of either of the panel windows (I was able to successfully change the name of one):

There are no error messages that I can see. I went into the debugger utility, and took a look at the DOM in the elements tab. The DOM structure under the tag stops at a tag and there are no children underneath it:

So I think that there’s something off with how the entry points are defined in the manifest.json. Perhaps something changed with a later version of the software from when the sample was developed?

Some version information:
PS 22.4.1

@Oliver Did you follow the instructions mentioned in the readme? In the plugin folder where you have downloaded this starter plugin there would be a readme file with instructions. Do follow those steps and then load the plugin from the dist folder.