The "ps-starter" template not available in "Create Plugin" dialog

I tried to follow the tutorial on to create a plugin for PS. I don’t see “ps-starter” in the template drop down list. Instead, I have quick-layers-starter, react-starter and webview-starter.

I am using Photoshop version 23.5.3 and UXP version 6.2.1. How do I enable the “ps-starter” template?

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I’m pretty sure that Quick Layers starter is the same.

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Thank you, Timothy.
I used the quick-layers-starter to create a plugin. When I followed the instructions in the created in the plugin to load the plugin into Photoshop, it failed.
The APP LOGS shows “[2022-12-07 09:39:12:487] [general] Plugin rejected - my.first.plugin due to invalid object”. Could it be the template is not compatible with the version of Photoshop I am using? How can I debug the plugin if it can’t load?

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The load problem went away after restarting both Photoshop and UDT.