[Release Announcement] UXP Developer Tools v1.8 is now available in Creative Cloud desktop app 5.10

A new version of UDT is rolling out now. Quoting @Sujai below:

What’s new in UXP Developer Tool v1.8

This update brings changes to the ‘Create Plugin’ dialog. We have auto-populated some of the fields for you.

  • A unique test plugin id to begin with
  • Plugin version number defaulting to 1.0.0
  • Host Application version based on the connected apps

Additionally, use the ‘Share on Marketplace’ option from the plugin action menu to learn more about the new Developer Distribution platform in order to share your plugin on the Creative Cloud plugin marketplace.

cc: @pkrishna @pklaschka


This is probably not intended:

Also check out the new Webview starter template for XD and updated one for Photoshop.

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@tomzag thanks for reporting. This issue has been there in a few releases now and have a ticket on this already. Should get fixed in an upcoming release.

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The React starter doesn’t build with Node 17 due to Webpack being v4 and needs these two changes making to the repo to resolve the issue.
@Erin_Finnegan @pkrishna

Thanks for reporting, @Timothy_Bennett. We are tracking this and will be fixed in the next release of UDT (v2.0)


Loading a plugin with the same name as an installed one is possible.
Unloading this plugin erases the plugin from the plugin menu, requiring a PS restart to get it back.
This should not be possible.
Now I have to uninstall all the CC prog. including CCD to reset the plugins list which as plugins that aren’t uninstallable