UXP Developer Tools v2.0 available in Creative Cloud

UDT v2.0 introduces the all new UXP Playground, accessible through the ‘Playground’ tab located next to the Developer Workspace. This feature simplifies onboarding for Plugin developers, allowing rapid prototyping without the hassle of creating plugin scaffolding. You can now quickly compare rendering in UXP applications. Additionally, the Playground extends support with types for UXP, Photoshop, and XD APIs. Alongside these, the Developer Workspace has been enhanced to offer convenient one-click row actions and various UI enhancements. Upgrade to explore these exciting additions in UDT v2.0!

Note: Would recommend uninstall of UDT 1.9 or earlier versions before you install the new UDT 2.0 release. Ensure keeping the preferences though.


Note: UXP Developer Tools v2.0 is a major version and therefore will be shown as a new card in Creative Cloud App. It will not appear as an update to the UDT 1.x versions.

Do share your feedback on the new playground feature and if the new one-click actions in the developer workspace are helping.

Will UDT v2.0 still have all my plugins added to my list of plugins when I install it, or will I have to re-add them? If I uninstall v1.9 before installing v2.0, it sounds like I’m going to lose them all. How does one “Ensure keeping the preferences”?

Also, if I don’t use all the new UDT v2.0 features, will it still work the same as UDT

If you click on “Uninstall” for v1.9 you will receive a dialog that is asking if you want to remove the preferences. I choose the option to keep the preferences and all my plugins are there in v2.0.

UDT 1.9 will continue to work if you are not planning to upgrade. However would recommend moving to v2.0 since this is a major version and has many new features and fixes.

Regarding preferences - as @tomzag mentioned, do retain the preferences when uninstalling the prior version.

Just out of curiosity - what was the reason to create a completely new app instead of upgrading? Was the code completely re-written?

I have some feedback on the new UDT:
It no longer allows you to scale the window below a certain size - on my 16" laptop that is more than half the horizontal width of my screen. It has made my development experience a lot worse as I like to split my screen 50/50 horizontally between applications.
Also, the inability the adjust column width is a pain - again, if you scale the window down it results in you being unable to read the names of the plugins as the column that holds all the load/unload buttons dominates.

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I agree with @Timothy_Bennett.
It seems the min size of the window is calculated from the display width. I’m on a 27 inch monitor and the min size width is also more than half of the screen.

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Case in point - this is was resized with Windows + cursor right and it occupies ≈ 2/3 of my screen but yet I still can’t read the plugin names :frowning:


Is there still no update on availability through the Adobe Admin Console for distribution in environments where Creative Cloud access is beeing blocked? Our organization can not start to update our current custom Photoshop tools and panels to the UXP platform since we can’t access Creative Cloud.

@Timothy_Bennett @tomzag thanks for the feedback. Will prioritise addressing these concerns.
Any comments on what should the must-have fields when the screen is minimised? Since we will not be able to show all the fields when minimised and also don’t want the scrollbar to be an obstacle to perform actions.

IMO scrollbar wouldn’t be an obstacle, but actually the opposite - it would allow to access actions when window width is smaller

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Another option could be to ditch the labels on the load/debug/etc buttons and just have icons when minimized.
The ability to resize the columns would be nice too.

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Having a closer look I think that a reduction in the gap between the columns (I’m classing each button as a column) would make a big difference. I’ve tired mocking it up in Photoshop to fit 50% of the screen width and alone that wouldn’t allow everything to fit, but losing those button labels would probably do it.

I will also note that on my 1920x1080 laptop a horizontal scrollbar is introduced when the window is reduced to minimum width.

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Thanks! great feedback!

Will try to have an update out soon!!

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Hi team! Wondering if Premiere Pro has 3rd party UXP dev support yet? Thanks!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Not yet. Premier Pro does not support for 3rd party UXP plugins.

@Timothy_Bennett @tomzag The UDT v2.0.1 is being rolled out on Creative Cloud and you should have the fix for the min width issue that you had reported. Please do try out when this is available for you on Creative Cloud and share your feedback.

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Very cool feature Sujai! Thanks for sharing and improving this tool for us! <3

Fully working on my Windows 11 without a problem!

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Thanks Sujai, the minimum width is now smaller, but still limited. But I can live with that. I like the app icons in the rows.

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